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Mobile fleet washing Services

Clean equipment demonstrates high quality makes maintenance easier and helps to avoid DOT fines. A dirty truck is 5 times more likely to be inspected than a clean one. Our dedicated technicians clean all vehicles big and small.

Comprehensive Fleet Care

A1 Mobil goes beyond a simple wash – we offer comprehensive fleet care that elevates your vehicles to their peak. From meticulous cleaning and restoration to performance optimization, we ensure your fleet not only looks stunning but also operates at its best, maximizing safety, efficiency, and value.
We pamper your vehicles with meticulous hand washing, removing every speck of dirt for a showroom shine.
Restore order, and reclaim space. Our thorough cleanouts tackle clutter and grime, leaving cabs fresh and inviting for your drivers.
Deep washdowns combat dirt, odors, and biohazards, ensuring spotless trailers for safe and compliant deliveries.
Expert engine cleaning removes grime and build-up, optimizing efficiency and extending lifespan.
We restore dull aluminum to its original luster, boosting your fleet’s visual impact and resale value.
Our meticulous polishing eliminates scratches and imperfections, making your aluminum shine like new.
Heavy equipment cleaning

Environmental Friendly

At A1 Mobil, we prioritize environmental responsibility in our vehicle and fleet washing services. Our commitment to protecting the environment is reflected in our use of low-cost washing services that adhere to all environmental regulations. We employ biodegradable products and implement wastewater recovery systems to ensure the highest level of satisfaction and safety for our clients while avoiding potential fines from inspectors.

How do we do it?

Wastewater Containment

Drain seals, booms, and dikes are employed to effectively seal off storm drains, preventing contaminated water from entering the sewer

Wastewater Recovery

Once contained, a high-powered air vacuum is utilized to suction the wastewater for up to 200 feet. This process is capable of keeping up with three separate pressure washers

Transfer & Filtration

The recovered wastewater is transferred into a recovery tank integrated with the wash vehicle, allowing for transportation of up to 500 gallons.

Environmental Compliance

A1 Mobil ensures strict compliance with OSHA and EPA water recovery guidelines, further emphasizing our commitment to environmental responsibility.

Your Fleets are Moving Billboards

Your fleet serves as a direct representation of your company, showcasing your brand across the community, country, and beyond. Don’t let dirt, grime, and grease tarnish your reputation.

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